On the Way to SVA aka The Longing

A little while ago as I sat waiting in the car on a hot spring day, I felt a wave of longing that centered in my heart and flowed throughout me and beyond. The longing had no focus it was too consuming. The longing had nothing to do with where I existed physically, it was the beyond and the within. It was strong.

Next morning, drinking my coffee, the longing came again in a wave that made me pick up pen to paper to try to bring some focus to the whelm. I wrote:

“The longing is strong, it pulls, throws out a line. More basic than desire. A river, an ocean, not a stream, centered in my heart.”

And then I opened my email: “Congratulations! I am pleased to inform you that your record of achievement and artistic promise has earned you readmission to the third semester of the BFA Fine Arts program at the School of Visual Arts for the Fall 2021 semester…”

And then I read the next paragraph: “In recognition of your academic and artistic accomplishments, you have also been selected as a recipient of the Silas H. Rhodes Scholarship….” The founder’s scholarship.

The longing became a wave crashing on the shore and was anchored in a place of destiny.

I am reaching the place of no doubts. How I get to SVA is an unknown that will resolve very soon. I could use your help. If it would give you pleasure to contribute to my dream of improving my skills and entering into the heart of the world’s conversation of art, please consider my GoFundMe to assist with the balance of tuition. Your support is greatly appreciated. Many thanks!


The Initiate’s Journey now Showing

Six years of images I’ve painted representing The Initiate’s Journey are now on display at Subway Gallery in Bisbee, Arizona.

The Initiate’s Journey represents those moments when our perception changes. Moments of vulnerability, moments of giving our all in complete openess.

Please take a look at the pictures from the show I’ve posted on Bisbee’s Subway Gallery page: