Show Time

Time to bring the paintings of 2022 into the light. The above is Shine, painted in the time of candles as we approached the Solstice this December.

An old favorite, Dreaming of Change, with a couple of new paintings that started life as the unintended images found in Pareidolia.

Keeping Watch

In the Midst

In and Out of the Storm, Remembering the Body Suit, and Shamanic Beings.

Penetrating and Seed Bearer

Stepping Out, Seeker, and The Who Came Out of the Blue

It’s been an unexpected pleasure, as well as sticking to a discipline, of going with the unintended images that came forth as I prepped my canvases with color. No wonder Leonardo da Vinci recommended the Art of Pareidolia to jumpstart creativity.

Unexpected Adventures

Subway Gallery

43 Brewery Avenue, Bisbee, Arizona

January 13th through February 5th, 2023

Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays

We’ll be waiting for you.

Who Came Out of the Blue

Who came out of the Blue

At first their eyes

Watching in scribbles of paint

Trusting to be revealed

While I wanting to ignore

Their existence

Am committed

To revealing what I see

And so the Who

Came out of the Blue

Oil on canvas

(c) Cheyenne MacMasters 2022

The Question of Selkie’s Longing

There once was a seal

Who was caught sunbathing

Without her Cape of Seal Skin

She became captive to a foreign reality

Of children and earthen pleasures

A child offspring

Found the hidden once discarded


Offering it up to the mother of desires

Who leaped with recognition

Into who she once was

Yet encountering longing

For sea and turf

It is the Longing

That defines the days

The Question of Selkie’s Longing

oil on canvas 60″ x 48″

(c) Cheyenne MacMasters 2022

The Initiate’s Journey

It starts with being present…

And saying a prayer…

Coming to a boundary…

Maybe even in your sleep…

Sometimes with regret…

Or just sheer joy…

You might receive a message…

And be called…

To go beyond…

The life you knew…

It’s the quest of the Initiate’s Journey…

To awaken…