Cheyenne MacMasters is a painter, sculptor, and photographer who studied painting at the School of Visual Arts in New York City with Elizabeth Murray. Her black and white palette comes from years of retouching black and white photographs for Robert Mapplethorpe, Berenice Abbott, galleries and publications.

MacMasters is a recipient of grants from the Bisbee Foundation, Support Women Artists Now, and the Bisbee Arts Commission. Her paintings have been shown at Lincoln Center, the Art Students League of New York, Bisbee, Arizona’s Belleza Gallery, Vincente’s Fine Art Gallery, and the Central School Project’s Biannual exhibitions. Her sculptures have been shown at Etherton Gallery in Tucson and La Chasse Gallery in Bisbee. She is a member of Subway Gallery in Bisbee, Arizona.

“Painting puts me in tune with synchronicity and intuitive knowledge. My figures were standing in water before I learned that water is a symbol of initiation. I’m interested in the before times, the stories that became incorporated into religions. Moments of initiation, when our perceptions change, are what I seek to portray.

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  1. I send my energetic granting along with your more tangible validations! I am enjoying the upgrade in materials from afar! Blessings to you in your constant and beautiful unfoldings as a human and artist! xo! marga

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  2. The good or bad old days of retouching B&W prints and negatives. You have had an impressive clientele and an equally impressive list of awards. The Subway Gallery looks like a cool place. I have not been to Bisbee in years.

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