6 thoughts on “Madonna at the Crossing

  1. An AMAZING painting, Cheyenne! To me it shows a tremendous spirituality and not just because it is Madonna and child, but the capturing of an energy. Also tremendous power. The light beam and the full moon. This was well worth waiting for!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!! xx ellen


    1. Wow! I had you in mind while painting, knowing you would tune in to the energy that was coming forth. Your appreciation is also worth waiting for the painting to manifest. Thank you, Ellen!


  2. A sci-fi madonna! It’s beautiful to see things change and yet stay the same. I love the shafts of light and that her eyes are closed while the child’s are open. Creative ventures are like children in many ways; we have to let go and let them make their own meaning in the world. What inspired work!


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