6 thoughts on “Annunciation: Thorns of Promotion

    1. Good to hear from you, Marga! We have been journeying from orbs to improvisations to painting to walking with turtles… I have learned some lessons from contemplating the crowns of thorns. A paint brush is softer and more aligned with my magnetic north.

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      1. Oh wonderful. Painting is such a wonderful thing from texture to seeing to creating. Another thing on my list of yes, please! I tried to get back to orbs a month or so ago, by buying a used camera (mine had broken) and it didn’t work either, so it seemed to me that the exploration had had its time and revealing that didn’t need to be revisited right now. so great to allow the now to dictate. thorns, some territory! enjoying my peek!

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        1. I’ve noticed that orbs love a party and get bored with simple night quests. So my blog, Orbs Delight, has fewer postings since I’m not really a party hound! “Love” “bored” merely descriptive of degrees of attraction…


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