12 thoughts on “Mudra

  1. Thanks for this tip! And good for you, turning off the like button. I am tempted to but think no one will come to visit. But following up on all the likes to see if people have new posts etc. does siphon one’s time and energy. Thank you, Cheyenne!


    1. It’s not the follow-ups that drain me, just noting whether a post was liked that diverts my energy… But, this is social media, and it’s not very social to not allow liking… I do like to like your posts, Ellen. A conundrum!


  2. An exquisite painting Cheyenne; though I’d never have guessed it was oil from the photograph.

    I will dig deeper here now to look further at your work if I may.

    With gratitude and respect.



  3. Ravi Mudra feels just right, Cheyenne, I have enjoyed this positioning off and on all day, in quiet spells – and I love the painting. I am curious about the model. While my pinky sticks up perfectly straight, my daughter eden’s crooks in a similar way to this lovely hand model. She concocted a story about her lineage based on her pinky. 🙂


    1. I love that a daughter has found one more reason to be of a different lineage than her mother 🙂 My pinky curves when I do this Mudra, though not extending quite as far to the right as in the painting (artistic license!). However, I did see that curve when researching Mudras, and some just showed straight fingers. I’m glad you enjoy the painting and are inspired to try out the Mudra. Practice touching different finger tips to thumb and see which one works best for now.


    1. Thank you for your appreciative comment. I find myself waffling about the likes button because it does give an easy thumbs up for visitors, and I like that about other people’s sites, like yours. But the messing with one’s head is so far keeping it off my site so far… And off my mind.


  4. Cheyenne, your paintings are so full of details that it turns difficult to a speechless wisitor find something to say. Just gazing them, and stay this way for hours… Talking about Mudra, I’ve never tried that position, so thanks! Anyway, even that beautiful hand has an amazing work in lights, so I can’t stop looking at it with all those amazing little details that make it perfect. I truly celebrate your paintings, very expressive and, some of them, masterpieces. Congratulations, my blogger friend, keep it up, you’re amazing! Cheers!


    1. Thank you for your enthusiastic appreciation, Jacquie. High praise from a multi-talented artist such as yourself! Sometimes “I wonder if Jacquie will like this?” Especially after you patiently witnessed my procrastination painting the bathroom… Best wishes to you, my blogger friend!


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