Where’s the Model?

Where’s the model?

I think he’s here.

How can you tell?

It’s really cut and dry.

Oh, it’s actually quite a mystery.

It might be that guy in disquise.

Could be that guy doing the Napoleon.

Oh guys, there you go again .

9 thoughts on “Where’s the Model?

        1. The line reveals abstractions as representations of the real word. Who they represent depends on the level of abstraction and the recognizable construction of the line.

          The fact that we can see and process lines drawn on surfaces as objects we recognize is quite phenomenal because lines as outlines of people and things don’t really exist in the natural world. We will see an edge as a line, but there is no line until we draw a line on something to represent the edge. How individuals’ brains process lines determine what they see in the line, and what they say about it. Of course, what people see in a line and say about a line can change as they learn to how to see and interpret lines.

          I’m not sure this is what you were asking for.


          1. It reminds me of the portraits Lawrence of Arabia gave to his Arab friends who were unfamiliar with painted images of people. “Is that a camel?” one finally asked, pointing at the painted nose, not recognizing the portrait of himself.

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  1. “Your reality is defined by your perception,
    your perception is defined by your cognition,
    your cognition is a result of your mental augmentation,
    your mental augmentation occurres under your subjective situations,
    your subjective situations occurres with no correlation,
    (At this “Your” subjected to omission)
    No correlation means random actuation,
    random actuation is “yet another thing” in “The creation”.
    So what’s residual conclusion,
    “Your reality” is “just part of” “The creation”,
    and not it’s total summation.”

    Dear Cheyenne,
    Again thanks for the inspirations,
    helped in this humble composition,
    It’s all the “Druids’ Awen”‘s divination,
    who guides us by intuition.

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