9 thoughts on “What More?

  1. You do impressive line work. It takes courage and talent using a few lines and getting the impact of your subject to the viewer.
    I rarely do just line drawings, I somehow love color too much, also trained in classic observational drawing since childhood (taught myself), but I can certainly appreciate the invisible part and the expression of the visible in art.
    We always paint ourselves regardless of the subject and what exactly is on paper or canvas. We are also all so different.
    It is enough to allow just a line to speak, but, some of us want that canvas crowded with whatever we choose, spots of color, negative spaces, definite and abstract parts and so forth.

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    1. Thank you, Inese. My painter’s palette is black and white, so I’m not deprived of color with the ink drawings. Although I love the slow build up of form while oil painting, I’m truly enthused by the speed and clarity of my current fascination of drawing while looking at the model, not the page.

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  2. “Any food is valued when hungry,
    but beware of grunting gluttons!
    Any berth is valued when weary,
    but beware of lazing bottoms!
    Any drink is valued when droughty,
    but beware of pesky suckers!
    Any help is valued when needy,
    but beware of thankless M-Fcukers!!”

    šŸ˜‰ šŸ˜€ (Sorry got a bit carried away)

    “Any help is valued when needy,
    but beware of thankless seekers!
    Giving is a virtue, Caring is humane,
    naivety is sin and
    Suckling a mooch is insane!”

    Thanks again for inspiring me, friend!
    “Druid’s Awen”

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