Artist Statement:

I've discovered that the mists and figures emerging from the waters I paint, are symbolic of my need to cross borders. As a traveler since early childhood, I was the border crosser who gazed in wonder and perplexity at each new culture. My Muses insist upon portraying the quest that leads to borders. It's what I know.

The Quest is a journey I have been on since I first stood in the moonlit waters of the Virgin Islands at sixteen. I was a student within a traveling school, looking for what I might want to do or be. To the incoming waves shining with the moon above, I made my plea.


Cheyenne MacMasters lives at the border of Mexico and the United States and paints the moments that lead across borders.

After a life of traveling from her birth place of San Francisco, California to small towns and big cities including, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Manhattan, New York, Magdalena de Kino, Mexico, and Tucson, Arizona, MacMasters realized that she had finally found home when she came to Bisbee over a decade ago. Encouraged by the generosity of the artist community, who shared their expertise and materials, MacMasters developed her skills in the visual and healing arts.

Love of light and shadows led MacMasters to first study painting and photography at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. She continued her studies of drawing and painting at the Art Students' League of New York. As a painter and photographer, she found work retouching the photographs of Robert Mapplethorpe, Berenice Abbot and galleries in NYC. Years of painting fine lines and swirls on black and white photographs has colored her painter's palette in many shades of gray. It's a simplicity of color with an intense focus. Jason Horejs, of Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona, says of MacMasters work, "... bold and thought provoking. The black and white approach makes it stand out dramatically, and gives a unique look."

MacMasters is finding archetypal images that beckon the way, waiting to be revealed to seekers.



Bisbee Foundation and SWAN (Support Women Artists Now) 2014 for paintings.

Bisbee Arts Commission 2014 for paintings.


Gallery Representation:

Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, Arizona



Vincente's Fine Art Gallery show Men: Nude, Naked and Undressed. 2016 Bisbee, Arizona.

Vincente's Fine Art Gallery show Miscellaneous Treasures. 2016 Bisbee, Arizona.

Central School Project 3rd Biennial 2015 Bisbee, Arizona

Hilltop Gallery 2015, Nogales, Arizona.

La Chasse Gallerie in Bisbee, Arizona: solo shows of sculpture.

Etherton Gallery in Tucson, Arizona: group show of bronzes.

Lincoln Center, NYC: New School for Social Research group show of paintings.

Art Students' League of New York: Marshall Glasier students group show, of drawings.

East Village Artists Association: group show, of paintings.



School of Visual Arts, New York, NY: studied photography and painting.

Art Students' League of New York: studied drawing and painting.



Private collections in New York, California, Florida, Louisiana, Colorado, and Arizona.

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